Cosmic Gems

Solving The Corona Conundrum

May 2020

(Edit 2, Tuesday 12 May)

The Corona Lockdown presents mankind with the greatest opportunity in the history of the world. 

Health. Abundance. Security. 

How so? 

Through a restructuring and re-education at every level of society. 

Cosmic Bullets of Honesty stream across cyberspace to flatten the curve of hypocrisy, irrationality, fear mongering and faith in authorities. 

This may be the final stand of Fabian Eugenic Socialism. Those envious of natural souls of gold.

This may be the greatest hour for the protective vital few who see through illusions to the essence of things. 

Through Cosmic Bullets anyone can discover how to get on the right side of history. A protector of human life, dignity, and security for all. 

Are you ready to win The War of Two Worlds?

Two Worlds

Two types of world co-exist on planet Earth.

  • One world of illusions, controls, envy, fear, uncertainty, doubt, superstition, suppression. 
  • One world of cosmic splendour, soulful connection, new technology, vitality and love.  

We tip toe back and forth, never quite feeling completely at home within the boundaries of either world. Influenced back and forth by what we observe on TV, social media, family and friends. 

Stuck between the massive effort of personal integrity required to sustain our connection in that cosmic world of splendour. Its price of entry remains high. Total honesty. Maximum self-responsibility. Unyielding discipline. 

We get glimpses of that world when things go well in life. We even sense its parallel existence mere millimeters from where we stand, where we sit, where we lay. Beckoning us. That world of accomplishment, success, authenticity, bliss. 

And yet somehow we falter. We succumb to negative temptations of personal diminishment. Bad energies. Bad thoughts. Gut wrenching tests of our character that numb our wits and smother our senses in normality, banality, sacrifice. 

Those two worlds are not metaphorical. We each know them to be true. 

  • One world puts us on a trajectory towards a futuristic civilisation that fulfils our wildest dreams. 
  • The other grinds us into the hardships and burdens of a meaningless existence. 

Cosmic Bullets help you remain in the world of your choosing. The first step is to choose which world you belong in. It may seem like a simple choice. But it is not an easy choice. It's far easier to remain lazy, go with the flow, indulge in self-destructions over a lifetime of apathy. 

So tell me... 

Do you swallow the red pill of soulful effort or the blue pill of mental laziness? 

Still here?


What are Cosmic Gems?

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Cheer up!

The romantic human spirit can only be suppressed, but it can not be destroyed. It will never be extinguished. It resurfaces, endures, and eventually blossoms into eternity. As a species we need to mature. Eliminate negatives mercilessly. Accentuate positives with alacrity.

Check back soon.

January 2020

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Beyond Your Wildest High School Dreams

Dear Visitor,

I am not being melodramatic when I tell you I’ve searched half my life for a leverage point in society that could actually make a difference.

Many of you have.

Every day we make a difference in dozens of lives, through our work, through our community, through our family.

And I have come to believe there are 2 linchpins in society holding us ALL back from abundance in every sense of the word; material abundance, intellectual abundance, emotional abundance, spiritual abundance.

Whatever you see as the greatest good and highest potential of yourself and of humanity.

I believe those two linchpins holding us back are:
1.What is in your heart.
2.What is in your wallet.

The wallet issue is actually very, very simple.

It’s not greedy capitalism or envious socialism that has created our mess in society. Of poverty, struggle, so-called privilege, or even the taxes you pay on every payslip that fund inefficient and corrupt governments.

No. The problem is… Money.

Specifically, the way Money is created.

See the Bitcoin page for a glimpse of what I mean.

As for the heart issue…

It’s the disappointments, fears, and urgencies of daily life, that keep us distracted from authentic connection and harmony with our own selves and significant others. — Plus central nervous system traumas that shape our psychologies.

I believe that we either fix money, or heal our hearts.

And then we’ll have the time and space to focus on the other…

Then… John Lennon’s hippy vision will have come true: The World Will Live As One.
No more waiting. No more daily disappointment at the humdrum of normal life.

Wake up each day renewed with all the pep and vinegar of your youth.

Love Well. Live Free.

Be who you are meant to be.

As Bucky Fuller said:  

“Each human has his lifetime to invest...

...IF he commits to operations in cosmic integrities, he will find himself participating in nature’s own formulations — and will realize the potentials of her various freedoms and choices (to be employed to the advantage of all human beings to come), in order that humans may fulfill their cosmic functioning on board of our planet.”

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